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Aldara (Imiquimod) for Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

Wait until the BIOPSY site has completely healed before starting Aldara.

Apply a small amount of cream onto the BCC (plus a 3mm zone around it).

Apply Aldara cream every NIGHT for 6 weeks, if no reaction after 10 days, apply morning and night.

Let dry before sleeping and wash off in the morning.

You may reuse the sachet – pierce it, squeeze out amount needed and cover with gladwrap. One sachet may last 1-2 weeks if used sparingly.

You should temporarily stop using Aldara cream if the area becomes crusted or very inflamed. Wait until the reaction settles and then restart.

Some patients are able to use Aldara every night and have minimal reaction, whilst others need a few days break a few times during the treatment.

Regardless of the number of  “days off”, the treatment time is 6 weeks from the first night of application.

If you have any concerns regarding Aldara, call the surgery on 9719 2936.

Arrange a follow-up appointment for 6 months after starting Aldara.

DO NOT USE “left over” Aldara on any other lesions without discussing it with your Dermatologist

MONITOR YOUR TREATMENT – place a tick each night you apply Aldara.


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