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Efudix Treatment

Efudix – put on the affected area twice per day with finger.

NB: To the upper lip only once a day.

Wash hands after applying the cream.

Avoid contact with eyes, nostrils and lips.

No make-up, moisturiser, soap or sunscreen to the area during the treatment (small amount of foundation is okay).

It is important to get the area very wet in the shower at least once a day, no swimming.

See me in ______ days after starting Efudix. (Make this appointment before starting Efudix treatment).

If reaction is marked or severe, contact the surgery to be seen immediately.

Expected reaction is: –

1st week – mild redness or minimum reaction.

2nd and 3rd week – red, crusted, possibly uncomfortable.

During or end of 3rd week – see your dermatologist – usually Efudix is ceased, however, some patients need treatment up to 6 weeks.

4th to 6th week – Recovery – may be pink for one to ten weeks (this can be covered with foundation).

If cream builds up, gently remove the excess cream with unscented Dove soap.

Avoid excessive sunlight. Do not use while pregnant.


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